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Occasionally, rarely, you come across a place that stops you in your tracks and leaves a hint of a smile on your chops. These hidden gems tend to be off the beaten track, tricky to get to and even trickier to learn about in the first place. Privacy, these days, is the new luxury commodity. Anyone can do plush soft furnishings... and good service, but a stunning location coupled with privacy, that’s the real nub of the matter; that’s what’s hard to find and even harder to preserve.

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Inca Trail

Trek to Machu Picchu along the infamous Inca Trail and discover the magical, mystical "Lost City of the Incas" This is probably the most famous and most popular hiking trek in the world! Discover Peru’s pristine landscape, friendly people and embark on an Andean Journey to the sanctury of Machu Picchu.

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Book Bus Malawi

If you enjoy telling stories of your adventures, why not have an adventure telling stories to African children as a story-teller with the Book Bus in Malawi. By climbing aboard the Book Bus your contribution will help children become readers, opening up all sorts of doors and opportunities. 

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Whether you’re seeking an out of this world African safari or the inside track on trekking in South America, you’ve come to the right place. From the Amazon to Angkor Wat, the Kruger to Kerala, globetrotting is in our nature.

We specialise in delivering tailor made, memorable holidays and exceptional wildlife experiences, crafted by a small team of well-travelled and passionate individuals. With a head office in Devon, the company has a network of guides around the globe on hand with local knowledge and a warm welcome.

Environmentally responsible travel is at the heart of our philosophy. From our inception, we have ensured that responsible travel permeates everything we do, both at home and abroad.

Join us, the company of travellers, to explore the world.

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VentureCo specialise in tailor made trips to Africa, Asia and South America. We also support the operations of the Book Bus Foundation. All our itineraries can be customised to match your

personal travel requirements, if you would like some things a little different or tweaked or modified in any way please call the VentureCo team on 01822 61 61 91, we would love to talk travel!

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