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Barbary Coast beach ride, Morocco. 8 days.

Ride Barb and Arab horses between remote fishing hamlets and pristine beaches along Morocco's Atlantic seashore. Start and end not far from beautiful Essaouira, the capital of the Barbary Coast.

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Thorsmork, Iceland. 6 days.

Thorsmork is a nature reserve, surrounded on three sides by glaciers, in the interior of southern Iceland. To access this hidden valley the rider must ford several glacial rivers, ride around beautiful waterfalls, cross the lava fields from the 2010 eruption and hack through the wooded areas that protect the reserve. A fantastic, magical riding experience.

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Taal Chappar national park, India. 8 days.

Taal Chappar is a wildlife conservation sanctuary on the edge of the Rajasthan desert. Ride the wonderful Marwari horses to the sanctuary and spend a whole day exploring the park on horseback.

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