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Blog: 15 steps to help save the Galapagos Islands


Feb 2013

15 steps to help save the Galapagos Islands

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Please join us to get Galapagos on the right path.

Island Restoration

Conservation methods evolve just like the wildlife. In order to succeed, projects need to link everything from species management to habitat restoration and tackling the human issues.

*Ecosystem restoration
*Tackling invasive species
*Species specific projects
*Supporting cutting edge research
*Promoting Galapagos as a model for the world

Climate Change

As an island archipelago located where several currents meet, Galapagos is at particular risk from the impacts of climate change. Endemic species such as the Galapagos penguin could become extinct. Yet 50 years of research in the Islands could also provide vital insights into the nature of these changes and ways to manage and reduce their impact not just in Galapagos but for the world.

*Monitoring indicator species
*Marine management
*Waste and resource management issues
*Building a first class data bank & knowledge resource
*Minimising GCT’s own environmental impact

Social Issues

People are an established species within Galapagos and hold the key to its future. We need to ensure that the systems are in place to guarantee a sustainable future for the Islands and to find ways for people and nature to live and work in harmony.

*Regulating development
*Engaging the Local Community
*Sustainable employment
*Responsible tourism
*Education in the UK about Galapagos

Help save the Galapagos and join our conservation project on the Galapagos island of San Cristobal.

If you are unable to reach these enchanted islands then please make a donation to the Galapagos Conservation Trust www.savegalapagos.org

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