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Blog: Abu Camp introduces Baby Elephant Warona


Jan 2012

Abu Camp introduces Baby Elephant Warona

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bu Camp, located in Botswana’s pristine Okavango Delta, is proud to announce that Shireni, one of the Camp’s leading elephants, gave birth to her third surviving calf, a healthy female, at 22h05 on the 17th December. Measuring approximately 90cm at the shoulder and weighing about 110kg, the new-born stood on her four own feet, wobbling, within 20 minutes. The elephant handlers have named her Warona, the SeTswana name meaning ‘For Us.’

Reaching up to her mother, Warona suckled properly for the first time at 07h00 the next morning, 10 hours after the birth, and now takes short naps of 5-10 minutes. Closely watched over by her doting big brother, Abu Junior, the new-born calf is already showing signs of playfulness as can be seen in this video of her at three days of age.

Footage copyright AfriScreen Films and EBS. Used with kind permission.

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