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Kenya Seasons

Kenya Seasons

The geography of Kenya is surprisingly diverse: there are five zones which mean that temperatures and precipitation vary widely, throughout the country.

Kenya  Seasons In Each region

Kenya Seasons  – The Western plateau:

is hot and wet. There is rainfall throughout the year, the heaviest in April; January is the driest month. Temps range from 14°C to 36°C throughout the year. This is the tea growing area.

Kenya Seasons – The Rift Valley and Central Highlands:

have perhaps the most agreeable climate (which is why the early colonial powers founded Nairobi here). Average temperatures vary from 10°C to 28°C. April is the wettest month “Long Rains” (20 cm) and July the driest (20 mm); there is a second wet season in October “Short Rains” when you can expect 10 cm rain. The average altitude in this zone is around 6,000 feet (1,750 m).

Kenya Seasons – Mt Kenya and the Aberdare Range:

are the country’s main water catchment areas, with about 30 cm per year.

Kenya Seasons – Semiarid bushlands:

the North and East of Kenya are really extensions of the Sahel, and echoes of the Sahara desert are evident in the atmosphere.  Temps are 20°C at night up to 40°C during the day.

Rainfall in this area is sparse and, when it does occur, is often in the form of violent storms. July is usually the driest month and November the wettest. The average annual rainfall varies between 250mm and 500mm. This is camel country and the National Parks in this area contain different habitats and different birds and animals compared to the famous parks in the south of the country.

Kenya Seasons – The coast region:

is consistently warm and humid. February the driest (20 mm) and May is the wettest month (300 mm). The monsoon wind is perhaps the biggest single influence on coastal Kenya’s weather which blows from the northeast between October and April and from the southwest during the rest of the year. The average annual rainfall is between 1000mm and 1250mm (less in drought years). Average temperatures vary little during the year, ranging from 22°C to 30°C.

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