Meru National Park, Kenya


Meru is an explorer’s paradise.

Where is Meru National Park?

On the east of Mount Kenya, tucked away in an area that is really off the “established tourist trail”; if you prefer your safaris to be authentic, personal and possessing a rugged atmosphere, then this is the destination for you.

How big is the park?
870 Km²


Access to the park

350 Km from Nairobi. The adventure begins with getting there on a road that deteriorates into an “all weather road”. There are also a couple of airstrips and the flight is an hour from Wilson in Nairobi. There are 3 gates into the park.

Habitats of Meru

Jungle that looks as though it belongs in the Congo rather than Kenya; several busy rivers such as the River Tana, fed from the slopes of Mount Kenya flow through the park; swamps and khaki grassland pockmarked with gaunt termite mounds; very varied habitats.

Animals of Meru

Lion are often seen on high rocky outposts and large herds of buffalo and elephant are resident. Other species include reticulated giraffe, oryx, lesser kudu and eland. The thick riverine forest is perfect for birding, with species.


Accommodation in Meru

A couple of KWS cottages, half-a-dozen campsites and the outstanding Elsa’s Kopje Lodge.

Park note
This is the wild country where the world famous lioness Elsa, of Born Free fame, was returned to the wild in the 1950’s.

This isolated unspoilt wilderness lets the visitor have the freedom to explore at a relaxed pace without encountering other people. Game tracking can be challenging but very rewarding. Further along the Tana river from Meru, there is access to the smaller Kora National Park, and three reserves Bisanadi, North Kitui, and Rahole. This entire area is sparsely populated and wild, a place that rewards the visitor with untold natural riches.