Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park

Where is Nairobi National Park?

 10 Km south of Nairobi city centre.

How Big is Nairobi National Park?

117 Km²

Access to Nairobi National Park:

There are 5 gates surrounding Nairobi National Park. N, E & W fenced, the southern boundary opens onto the Athi-Kapiti plains which is a migration corridor.

 Nairobi National Park Leopard

Leopard Close-up

Park note: Nairobi National Park,  A Turbulent beginning

In the early days Nairobi settlers carried guns to protect themselves and their livestock from lions, and complained about giraffes and zebras ruining their flowerbeds! The city’s more recent rapid expansion has caused conflict between animals and people and KWS has worked hard to educate local communities about the critical role the park plays in protecting Kenya’s wildlife.


The habitats of Nairobi National Park are surprisingly varied: rolling plains, rocky valleys. Acacia bush, and riverine forest surrounds the Mbagathi River that feeds the park. When you look up and expect to see the horizon, you’ll see the cityscape instead – disconcerting, yet incredible at the same time!

Kenya elephant Nairobi National Park

Kenya elephant

Nairobi National Park Animals

Huge numbers of zebra and wildebeest collect at the Mbagathi River. There are over 50 black rhinos and 11 white rhinos, all thriving under the park’s security. A visit to the animal orphanage is heart-melting, especially when the playful elephant and rhino calves take a bath. There are buffalo, giraffe, eland, gazelle and hippo.

Predators include: 40+ lions; leopard, spotted hyena and a few cheetah.

The birding list of Nairobi National Park is over 400 species including the Kori Buzzard (Africa’s heaviest flying bird).