Shimba Hills National Park

Shimba Hills

One of the largest coastal forests in East Africa, Shimba is rich in flora and fauna and hosts the highest density of elephants in Kenya.


Lookout leopard

Where is Shimba?

Just inland from the India Ocean and 15 Km from Mombasa.

How big is the park?
192 Km²

Access to the park

Take the Likoni ferry out of Mombasa and drive a dozen clicks south towards Diana Beach.

Habitats of Shimba Hills

This is a hot, humid environment perfect for tropical trees. The scenic Sheldrick Falls and the dense Mwaluganje Forest are within Shimba Hills.

Animals of Shimba

Include the endangered sable antelope and a huge elephant population, hundreds of which have been translocated to Tsavo East where there’s more elephant elbow room. The black-faced Vervet monkey and Sykes monkey are 2 of the more unusual species. And the superbly-named knob-bristled suni shrew, which is much harder to find.  The forest is an important bird area including the red-necked-spur fowl, croaking cisticola and Zanzibar red bishop. 111 bird species in all.




4 campsites and 1 lodge.

Park note

A great deal of this park is fenced, which is unusual in Kenya, to prevent conflict between humans and elephant. The park is ideal habitat for butterflies which thrive in the humid atmosphere.