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Behind The Scenes at Majete

Behind The Scenes at Majete Wildlife Reserve

The focus of this tour is to showcase the current conservation work underway at Majete. In the 1980 and 1990’s Majete Wildlife Reserve was in a precarious situation, but the last 20 years has witnessed a real success story.

Majete Wildlife Reserve  Zebras

Zebras at one of the man-made waterholes.

The challenges facing Majete Wildlife Reserve were:

* Serious poaching: The last elephant disappeared in 1992

* Widespread illegal logging

* Illegal charcoal burning throughout the park

* Inadequate equipment which made the scouts’ work ineffective

* Zero safari revenue.

Behind The Scenes at Majete

Is a chance for safari-goers to see how Majete has been transformed from a depleted “basket-case” reserve into the thriving wildlife destination it is today. The tour includes a visit to the law enforcement operations room where officers describe the period before African Parks (AP) took on responsibility for Majete.  They are shown the muzzle-loading guns, snares and traps that have been confiscated over the years and learn about the current anti-poaching activities. Guests move on to hear about the reintroduction of 2,554 animals from 13 species and visit the holding bomas used before a release. The tour continues on to see the 142 km fence which surrounds the park and helps protect the wildlife and the surrounding communities. Finally guests are taken to one of the artificial water-holes within the Reserve which were constructed to provide strategic water points for the wildlife.


Majete Wildlife Reserve Hippos

Hippos – enjoying natural water!