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Malawi Seasons

Weather in Malawi

Each month offers a different experience; the character of Lake Malawi in particular varies with the changing seasons.

Malawi Seasons from month to month

Malawi Seasons from January to March

The Emerald Season: there can be some rain but it never lasts all day. The lake is at its calmest and the birds are at their most vocal, this is one of the most beautiful times of the year, with the fewest visitors.

Malawi Seasons from April to May

This is the equivalent to an “African Autumn”. One of the best times to visit; the lake is crystal clear, the bush still green and the temperature perfect.

Malawi Seasons from June to July

These two months are considered Mid-Winter in Malawi, but it’s nothing like an English winter! The days are warm and the nights cool. The bush dries out bringing the animals closer to the water sources. Perfect for warming your toes round the fire at night.

Malawi Seasons from August to September

Things start to heat up! This makes the lake very welcoming! The bush is now dry giving fantastic views (few leaves remain on the trees) and animals can be reliably found around water sources.

Malawi Seasons from October to mid-November

The hottest time of the year and the lake is an oasis of freshness: excellent underwater visibility ensures fantastic snorkelling / diving.

Malawi Seasons from Late-November to December

Summer arrives: hot and slightly humid with occasional showers. Fireflies light up the trees, storms brew on the horizon and migratory birds arrive to start the season off again!