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Wildwaters Lodge in Uganda

Wildwaters Lodge Uganda

On a small but pristine island, in the middle of the River Nile, about 25 minutes downstream from Lake Victoria, you’ll find Wildwaters Lodge: one of the most romantic and comfortable lodges in East Africa. If you are coming straight to Uganda from London, this is THE ideal first night! You couldn’t imagine a more unique setting or a greater contrast to England. As soon as you set foot in Wildwaters you know you’re somewhere very special

Wildwaters Lodge

Wildwaters Lodge

It opened in 2009 having been three years in the planning and construction. The ten, suite-style rooms are spacious and well appointed. Each room is discretely positioned away from the others and connected to the “mother ship” via meandering board-walks with the sounds of the Nile on either hand.

Wildwaters Lodge The Royal suite

Wildwaters Lodge – The Royal Suite

This is the ideal place to round off a ride or gorilla safari. And if you haven’t had quite enough excitement, there is the “menu” of white water rafting trips, also operated by the owners of the lodge ( ½ day trip and full day trips). The white water here is on a par with the white water rafting on the Zambezi below Victoria Falls there is also a 2 day (1 overnight camp) trip which can be arranged given notice.

Wildwaters also has a great café, open to non-residents and a surprisingly good restaurant. I say “surprisingly good” because it must be a challenge to get all the fresh ingredients you need to run a restaurant like this so efficiently!

Wildwaters Lodge Hypoxia

Looking up-stream to “Hypoxia” one of the Nile’s more lively rapids!

There is also jet-boating, the huge “Nile High” bungee jump that gently dips you in the Nile and a variety of wave-boarding activities. And just when you think that this whole experience can’t get any more amazing, meet the African Queen!

The Africa Queen
C. S. Forester’s book was made into the 1951 classic film “The African Queen” staring Bogart and Hepburn.
The african queen poster

The tale of what happened to the boat from this film features in our blog post “In search of the African Queen of the Nile” and it is a remarkable story. She is now fully restored, and running under steam once more! It’s possible to take trips on the Nile, between the rapids and experience a brief encounter with this iconic boat. US$85 for the 2 hr sunset cruise.

Wildwaters Lodge Uganda Guide Price.

Single occupancy, full board £230 per night
Twin occupancy, full board £170 per person per night.

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