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Zambia is a land-locked country in central southern Africa; a magnificent place to explore with particularly good wildlife and well-protected wilderness areas. It doesn’t have the same high profile as a safari destination as Kenya or Tanzania, which is maybe a good thing: this is a safari connoisseur’s destination.

Northern Rhodesia gained independence from Britain in 1964 and emerged as Zambia under First President Kenneth Kaunda. The economy is stable in modern Zambia and less reliant today on the Copper Belt in the north than it was in former years. Michael Sata (current President) is also praised for heading one of the most honest governments in Africa.

The name “Zambia” is derived from the River Zambezi which forms the western border; it is also the river which flows into a gorge 108 m deep to form the Victoria Falls.

Trips and tours

Zimbabwe and Zambia Tour

Zim’ used to be a first choice destination for people wishing to travel on safari. However, the recent political turmoil has turned many people away. Which is a shame, the country may be in economic chaos, but it’s quite safe and the wildlife is blissfully unaware!

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Wild Zambia

13 day wildlife camping expedition to explore some of Zambia’s best-kept wildlife secrets. Visit 4 national parks, North and South Luangwa, Kasanka and the magnificent Benguela Wetlands. You even get to stay in a castle, and there are precious-few of those in Africa!

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Chobe week-end safari

The Chobe week-end safari explores the glorious national park of Chobe from a nearby secluded, private lodge. Safari by 4X4 and boat.

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Bats and birds: a safari to Kasanka. 11 days

What is the biggest mammal migration in the world? Most of us would venture the Serengeti/Maasai Mara wildebeest migration, or perhaps the Liuwa Plain blue wildebeest migration. Not so! The largest movement of mammals on Earth is the annual migration of Eidolon Helvum, the African fruit bat.

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Bat Migration, Kasanka. 3 days

A specialist safari that visits Kasanka National Park in northern Zambia. See the largest movement of mammals on Earth as the annual migration of Eidolon Helvum, the African fruit bat arrives at Kasanka.

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Discover Luangwa Valley

9 days (8 nights) exploring the best wildlife viewing in Zambia; untouched grassland, broad, sandy rivers and the natural beauty of the Luangwa and Luambe National Parks.

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More Nights

Kaingo and Mwamba, South Luangwa National Park

Kaingo and Mwamba,  South Luangwa National Park  are sister camps owned by the Shenton family. Kaingo was the original camp and Mwamba was added at the turn of the millennium. Each camp remains owner-managed, which is unusual in South Luangwa

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KaingU Lodge, Kafue National Park

KaingU Lodge is in the Namwala Game Management Area (GMA) which is a Concessions Area that surrounds the national park. These are privately owned areas of land that adjoin the national park and in effect enlarge the park. There are no fences and guests & game moves freely between park and GMA.

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Tafika Camp, South Luangwa National Park

Tafika Camp is in the northern part of South Luangwa national park, just beyond the Nsefu Sector. It’s on the east bank of the Luangwa River, just outside the park boundary. It caters for a max of 12 guests in 6 open-sided reed and canvas chalets: simple, high-quality.

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Chanters Lodge, Livingstone

Chanters Lodge is ideally located very close to the Book Bus base and the town centre. Chanters Lodge is a comfortable guest house has ten air conditioned rooms. Probably the best food in Livingstone and includes airport transfers to Livingstone airport.

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Leopard Lodge, Kafue National Park

A small, family-run luxury lodge on the banks of the Kafue River near the eastern boundary of the park. Concealed from all other lodges making it a private and un-commercialised wildlife experience – and excellent rates!

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Hidden gems

“Moon-bow” or Lunar Rainbow at Victoria Falls

A visit to Victoria Falls is a romantic extension to a safari, but if you plan it carefully you can go when the moon is full and witness one of Africa’s most romantic sights, a midnight moon-bow over the Falls.

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Kafue National Park, Zambia

Kafue is special because visitor numbers are so modest, particularly the southern half of Kafue; that the elusive "wilderness feeling" is pervasive. Kafue offers a safari experience that has disappeared from many parts of Africa: it's remote, seldom-visited and perfectly preserved.

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Zambia weather and climate

Zambia seasons

There are two main seasons, the rainy season (November to April) which is equivalent to summer, and the dry season (May/June to October/November) which corresponds to winter. The dry season is subdivided into the cool dry season (May/June to August), and the hot dry season (September to October/November).

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