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Discover Luangwa Valley

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Discover Luangwa Valley

Luangwa & Luambe Safari.

The Luangwa River rises in the northeast of Zambia, close to the three corners where Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia converge, and flows southwest into the Zambezi River, downstream from Victoria Falls. The river valley in this remote part of Africa is a paradise for wildlife: there’s a low human population, no major roads run through the area and the foot-fall from safari-goers is miniscule. The few people who do explore this area discover an Africa as it was in the 1950’s.

The Luangwa Valley is home to an astonishing diversity of life, including around 100 species of mammals, more than 400 bird species and over 2,000 types of plants. Added to this, there’s an amazing density of game, particularly along the riverine strip “It’s 9,000 Km² (3,475 square miles) of pristine wilderness.”

Luangwa & Luambe Safari

Zebra driking

Logistics: Luangwa & Luambe Safari
The starting point for this safari is the airstrip at Mfuwe; we can with pleasure arrange international flights to Lusaka and domestic flight links between Lusaka and Mfuwe. We’ll meet you upon arrival and drive you the short distance to Flatdogs Camp in South Luangwa National Park, where the adventure begins.

Luangwa & Luambe Safari

An ‘alternative’ use for the splash-pool at Flatdogs

South Luangwa National Park
South Luangwa has many herbivores, three of which stand out because they are endemic: Thornicroft’s giraffe, Cookson’s wildebeest and Crawshay’s zebra. Elephant and buffalo are numerous and wander freely throughout the GMA’s (Game Management Areas aka conservation areas) surrounding the park as well as the park itself. With no fences allowed in the GMAs the camp is regularly visited by these large herbivores. Antelope, especially impala, bushbuck and puku, are also resident in large numbers, thus providing plenty of on-the-hoof take away for the predators. South Luangwa is every bit as good as Kafue National Park.

The main predators in the Luangwa Valley are lion, leopard, spotted hyena and wild dog. South Luangwa is renowned as being the place to see leopards. Leopards hunt nocturnally and South Luangwa is one of Africa’s few national parks that allow spotlit night drives. Through the continued insistence on ethical and respectful guiding policy, leopards in the Luangwa have become used to vehicles enough to continue hunting and feeding in their presence, leading to some outstanding sightings.

Luangwa & Luambe Safari

Walking safari from Flatdogs

Flatdogs, South Luangwa National Park. Days 1 to 4 and 8 (3 + 1 nights)
This is a camp as natural as the wildlife that lives around it. Ensuite tents promote natural, unimpeded enjoyment of the sights and sounds of the bush. The resident team of professional guides are eager to show the incredible diversity of wildlife, both large and small, trees, birds, track spoor and even fish. Flatdogs include night drives that give outstanding encounters with nocturnal wildlife with unique photographic opportunities, surrounded by the night-sounds which create their own musical orchestration.

South Luangwa is not a busy National Park by any means, but there are other safari camps in the area. Compare this to your next destination, upstream, along the Luangwa Valley…

Luambe National Park.
This is a destination that appeals to the inner pioneer within us all: it’s a wildlife experience reminiscent of the early days in Luangwa Valley. You have an entire National Park to yourself because Luambe Camp is the only camp in the entire park. Luambe is one of the country’s oldest parks (1938) and home to all the same big-name animals you’ll find in South Luangwa. It’s a great park for those seeking a more remote tract of wilderness without the crowds. Because of its remote location on the eastern bank of the Luangwa River, the park has remained essentially unchanged and is still one of the most secluded, tranquil places in the region.

Luangwa & Luambe Safari

Location, location, location! Luambe Camp on the Luangwa Riverbank


Luambe Camp Days 4 to 8 (4 nights)

Luambe Camp is the only accommodation in the entire park, so you can be assured that you will have wildlife sightings all to yourself. The camp is on the bank of the Luangwa River, just above a pool, home to hundreds of hippo, and a permanent source of water, making it ideal for varied game viewing, and in high concentrations. The accommodation consists of just four large Meru tents, each one positioned on the riverbank. This is a small, intimate camp.

Return to Flatdogs for a final night before flying out of Mfuwe.

Luangwa & Luambe Safari

Flat dogs! Luambe National Park

Included in the price
Accommodation, meals, all vehicle and walking safari activities (day and night) laundry, park fees, transfers between Mfuwe Airport and Flatdogs; Flatdogs and Luambe Camp; Luambe Camp and return to Mfuwe Airport.

The safari can begin on any day between June and October.

Travel can begin on any day.

Min 2; Max 8 persons
Start and end at Mfuwe.