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KaingU Lodge

KaingU Lodge

The KaingU Lodge is named after a kingfisher that you are likely to see during a stay.

KaingU Lodge - Hippo with oxpecker on its ear

Hippo with oxpecker on its ear

KaingU Lodge Location

The KaingU Lodge is in the Namwala Game Management Area (GMA) which is a Concession area that surrounds the national park. GMA’s are privately owned areas of land that adjoin the national park, in effect enlarging the park. There are no fences and game moves freely between park and GMA.

KaingU Lodge is 400 Km due north of Victoria Falls and sits on the bank of the Kafue River which eventually joins the River Zambezi downstream from Victoria Falls. The lodge is on a spectacular and remote stretch of the River Kafue with no near neighbours. Tom and Viviane Heinecken built KaingU a couple of years ago with great care and attention to detail and their experience shows at every turn.

Kafue Park map

Kafue Park map

There are four canvas and thatch bedrooms, each one en suite with indoor and outdoor showers! They are raised on wooden decks with broad verandas overlooking the river. There’s also a family house, Finfoot Cottage, which has two en-suite bedrooms, an outside shower and a deck over the river.

Zebra drinking near KaingU Lodge

Zebra drinking at the River Kafue

Game viewing at KaingU Lodge

The game viewing is excellent and elephants and leopards regularly pass through camp! But the really unique aspect of KaingU is the river: at this point, the River Kafue divides into numerous broad shallows that contain a host of tiny islands each one crowned by a scattering of gigantic granite boulders. You can explore by boat and on foot and there are options to fish or trek with an experienced birding guide. The whole area has a magical feel to it and you’re likely to be the only person present.

Fly Camps from KaingU Lodge can be arranged at a couple of stunning locations within the National Park. So if you’re staying for more than 2 or 3 nights, this is a unique opportunity. Fly camps are small temporary camps that leave no trace of having been there once you move on. Fly camps can be arranged directly with the lodge manager during your visit.

Hippo near KaingU Lodge

Little and Large: hippo and baby hippo

Activities at  KaingU Lodge

The really attractive feature of this area is the river. KaingU organise canoe trips from half a day to 3-days long. The overnight trips can either shuttle back to the lodge each night, or overnight in a fly camp. Island bush-breakfasts and lamp-lit dinners can be served en route, or around the lodge.

Visiting the local community is an option, and if you have been with the Book Bus http://ventureco.wpengine.com/the-book-bus-livingstone-victoria-falls-zambia/ in Victoria Falls or South Luangwa, this is a great opportunity to compare rural communities.

KaingU in the name of a kingfisher that you are likely to see during your visit; the lodge has a minimal carbon footprint and is 100% solar powered.

A visit to KaingU Lodge combines really well with a visit to Kaingo, a camp in South Luangwa National Park – a startlingly similar name, but totally different definition: Kaingo is “leopard” KaingU is a kingfisher!

wildlife at KaingU Lodge

Hippo running the gauntlett