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Blog: An Anaconda on the Amazon


Nov 2018

An Anaconda on the Amazon

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Amazon river cruise

Paddle your own canoe in search of Amazon wildlife

Amazon river cruise

Explore the upper Amazon, sailing through the forest, to see pink river dolphins, turtles and a host of wildlife – some 1 million species to choose from!

We have been working with Paulina Vivanco for about 25 years. She is actually Ecuadorian, lives in Quito, and looks after all Venture Co travellers who visit either the Galapagos or mainland Ecuador. She’s brilliant and adds so much value to travellers who visit.

Old family friends of hers, Raul and Martha Garcia, have launched a second cruise ship on the Amazon. Check this out: and our first two clients are heading out to Ecuador for the experience early 2019. I can’t wait for the feedback!

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