Blog: An Update from Mumbo & Domwe Islands, Lake Malawi.


Apr 2014

An Update from Mumbo & Domwe Islands, Lake Malawi.

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Posted on: Friday, April 11, 2014

Malawi Map

At the beginning of every new season, when the annual rains are over (April) the island teams head out to Mumbo & Domwe Islands to begin the annual spring clean. They scour the kitchen from top to toe and go through every tent and bungalow to air and sweep everything until it sparkles. This year they needed to evict a Bush baby who had taken residence in one!


Young  foxes

The carpenter and tailor accompany the team and get to work polishing all the woodwork and re-covering all cushions on the island. The island teams even pull up fresh sand onto the tiny crescent of beach and the meandering paths. The carpentry team check all structures and replace any woodwork damaged in the winter storms. It is a time of hard work, but as the sun shines bright in the blue sky, as the rainy season passes and new guests look to the island for their holidays breaks, it’s well worth the effort!


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