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Tailor made trips and tours in India

A Passion for India

India is governed by the heart. More than any other destination in the world, India reaches out and touches you. The romantic palaces of Rajasthan, the serene peace in places such as the Thar Desert, the awe-inspiring Himalayan Mountains and a host of “hidden gems” wait to be discovered. Most of us dream of visiting India at least once and India guarantees to surprise you. Even experienced travellers to India are constantly wrong-footed and delighted by the things India reveals.

Your wish-list may include tigers, sailing down the Ganges or exploring the Kerala backwaters, beach time, a trek amongst the world's highest peaks, exploring the amazing variety of temples and getting to grips with the bewildering subtleties of Indian society.

India is a land where men sing when they’re happy; women turn into dancers when they go to the corner shop; food in your stomach is music; and music is the food of the heart.

Everyone at VentureCo has experience of India and we know that an encounter with India will touch your heart.

Trips and Tours

Northern Forts and Sacred Places (10 days)

This is a short tour to introduce you to some of India’s most holy places. The Taj Mahal and erotic temple complex at Khajuraho is included as is the mysterious city of Fatehpur Sikri.

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Getting around India by train…

Without a shadow of a doubt, the best way to see India is not on a plane at 37,000 feet above the ground but at ground level on the incredible Indian railway system.  In fact, no visit to India is complete without experiencing the bustle of a railway station in India.

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Sacred Places; Mighty Forts; Tiger Tiger (11 days)

North India has a wealth of sacred places affiliated to a range of religions, existing harmoniously as neighbours. This two week tour explores many of them and includes a majestic encounter with the lord of the jungle.

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Taj Mahal, Pink City and Tigers (9 days)

This is a short tour that visits the principal highlights of Rajasthan and northern India. We use a combination of private car and driver, and trains. A visit to India, without using the trains, simply isn’t complete!

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A spicy little visit to Kerala (7 days)

Kerala and South India could be a different country compared to North India. Kerala is a port with a wide network of ocean trade links that have touched the area with a sheen of the exotic.

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Delhi by car and walking tour (1 day)

We can collect you from any Delhi hotel and guide you round some hidden parts of Delhi. Private car and guide.

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Delhi by bike (½ day)

We can collect you from any Delhi hotel and guide you round some hidden parts of Delhi.

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More nights

Family Nest, Delhi

Family Nest opened in 2013 as a safe and secure place to stay in Delhi. The apartment is self-contained and attached to a family home. An oasis of peace in hectic Delhi

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Hidden gems

Ranthambore Tiger Sanctuary

In the SE corner of Rajasthan, not too far from Delhi; a park where the chance of seeking a tiger in its natural habitat is excellent.

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Kanha Tiger Sanctuary

In Madhya Pradesh, close to the border with Chhattisgarh, and almost slap-bang in the middle of India. Probably India’s finest tiger sanctuary and the inspiration behind Kipling’s Jungle Book.

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India weather & climate

The Seasons of India

India’s seasons are dominated by the Monsoon which is a wind system that reverses direction half way through the year: between June and October it blows from the southwest bringing rain-laden clouds in from the Indian Ocean. The rain begins in the deep south in May, gradually moving north and cease by October to be replaced by lighter, dry winds from the north.

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