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Jul 2016

Best horse breed in the world ?

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What’s the best horse in the world?

Finding the the best horse breed in the world is a tricky one. Is it the Thoroughbred? Perhaps, but maybe a bit flighty at times. The Arab is popular, but not everyone’s first choice. The American Quarter Horse is probably a contender, and renowned for speed over a short distance and manoeuvrability, but surely the Andalusian from Spain is the best all-rounder? Did you know the Andalusian is …

  • Often called the PRE which stands for “Pura Raza Española” which means “Pure Spanish Breed”.
  • Of all the breeds in the world the Andalusian probably has the most presence, which is why it’s often the mount of choice for the hero in the movies. It’s one of the oldest breeds too, only the Arab, Barb and Mongolian breeds are older.
  • Like the Marwari in India, the Andalusian was originally a war horse and is known for courage and stamina.

It’s all a matter of opinion; you pays your money and you take your choice!

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