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BHS Challenge Rides 2018

BHS Challenge Rides

BHS Welfare works to improve the lives of horses across the UK and has more equine Welfare Officers than any other UK organisation.

They are able to offer a lifeline to more than 8,000 horses per year. Current initiatives include the “Think before you breed” campaign; the “Friend at the End” support scheme (FATE); and the “Grass Sickness” campaign.

Each Challenge Ride is carefully constructed and combines a great route with sound horses, reliable tack and top-notch local guides. Above all, Riding Challenges are group activities (usually 10 riders) and it's a shared experience.

A BHS Riding Challenge is achievable by any rider who cares about horses and rides regularly (once or twice a week). Everyone enjoys the experience of a lifetime and raise money that is crucial to the welfare work. Saddle-up and enjoy a life-changing experience.

This really does put the fun in fundraising! For more information on the British Horse Society or contact Wendy Minor at BHS (Welfare) or Venture Co.

Challenge rides 2018

Footsteps of the Inca, Peru

25th May to 9th June 2018
A horse ride in Peru’s Sacred Valley and along trails cut by the Incas, on sturdy ponies descended from the Conquistadors’ Andalusians. This will be the most spectacular country you’ll ever hack through with peaks on every side rising to above 6,000m; ends at Machu Picchu.

Explore Peru

Damaraland, Namibia

12th to 24th July 2018
A horse ride from the heart of Damaraland in northern Namibia to the Atlantic Ocean. Explore the area and vast plains where desert-adapted animals thrive in this arid but stunningly beautiful part of Namibia.

Explore Namibia

Tölt, hot springs and volcanoes, Iceland

25th July to 5th August 2018
Ride Iceland horses on a spectacular trail to explore the hot springs, rivers, waterfalls and lakes of Iceland’s backcountry. Get the feel of tölting, the energy-saving “5th gear” of the Iceland Horse. There is also time for a soak in a natural hot pool!

Explore Iceland

Gobi Steppe Trail, Mongolia

19th to 31st August 2018
Mongolia is as different from the UK as you can get: vast, with a tiny population and a reviving nomad culture. Their horses (not ponies!) are tough little things with bags of stamina. This 12 day ride takes you across open Steppe and around the fringes of sandy deserts. Spend a night in a ‘ger’.

Explore Mongolia

Berber Encounter, Morocco

15th to 22nd September 2018
8 day riding along the Atlantic Coast and visiting Berber villages inland. Canter along the beaches with the sound and splash of the ocean at your side. Barb stallions; beach camping (fully supported). A “Barb” is a horse from the Barbary Coast and is renowned for its courage, sure-footedness and verve.

Explore Morocco

How to book your British Horse Society Challenge Ride

So, if you’re looking for a challenge and want to do something to show your support for British horses, saddle up and enjoy a life-changing experience. This really does put the fun in fundraising! For more information on the British Horse Society visit: or contact Wendy Minor at BHS (Welfare) at or contact Venture Co.

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