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Morocco has a thriving tradition of horsemanship which is every bit as vital as the heritage that surrounds the Arab horse in, for example, Jordan. Morocco has the Barb which can trace its ancestry back at least 2,000 years; and the oft-quoted factoid is that Julius Caesar was mounted on a Moroccan Barb for his Gaul Campaign in 55 BC.

When I researched the Morocco rides for BHS I had never ridden a Barb, though I have owned an Arab. And I must admit I was a little alarmed to hear that the stable I was speaking with favoured Barb stallions. Stallions? On an Atlantic beach?! Sounded like a recipe for fireworks!

The reality is that the horses are forward-going but impressively well mannered. I never felt at risk, even when heading for home with the surf crashing away at ankle-level!

Horsemanship in Moroccan is outstanding; husbandry is first class and the local pride in the Barb is most impressive. In fact, if you wanted to take a Barb home with you after the ride, it's just about impossible, so highly is the stud book valued that Moroccans want to keep Moroccan Barbs for the Moroccans!

Local knowledge

The first trip we organised to Morocco was in 1983 and since then some of the Berber guides we have known have retired, others have married and still others now have their own agencies. We have a wonderful array of contacts and can tap into “The Berber Grapevine” to find just about anything! Our partner in Morocco is a husband and wife team (French lady and Berber gentleman) who are always a pleasure to deal with and between us we can provide cars, guides, Kasbahs, mules, Barb stallions and just about anything else to do with travelling in the Maghreb, Atlas mountains and Sahara.

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BHS Challenge Rides

Morocco Beach Ride: The Barbary Coast

March to October
Morocco has a long tradition of horsemanship that stretches back centuries: Julius Caesar is said to have chosen a Barb stallion to ride to do battle with the Gauls. A “Barb” is a horse from the Barbary Coast and is renowned for its courage, sure-footedness and verve.

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So, if you’re looking for a challenge and want to do something to show your support for British horses, saddle up and enjoy a life-changing experience. This really does put the fun in fundraising! For more information on the British Horse Society visit: or contact Wendy Minor at BHS (Welfare) at or contact Venture Co.

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