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Blog: Chaps – best of the bunch


Sep 2017

Chaps come in all shapes and sizes, rather like human chaps! Here are the pick of the bunch from South America: let’s begin with the ‘modest and functional’ as seen on the cattle roundup in Argentina:


Very practical, but check-out the stirrup! Just a leather-bound ring of iron; I bet that gives you sore souls! Talking of stirrups, how’s this?

Riding holiday Chile

Carved from a single block of wood, a “shoe” for your shoe.

Back to chaps: here’s a line-up from the Grand Traversee  in Patagonia; I like the practical rawhide:-

Riding holiday Chile, Argentina and Patagonia

The baqueros in Chile and Argentina.

And there’s the fairly flamboyant:-


Riding holiday Chile and Patagonia

Chaps sporting chaps – 2 goats in this case!

And the absolutely flamboyant (Brazil)

Horse riding holiday, Brazil

Outrageous chaps! Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul ride

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