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Chile is an unusual shape: very long (4,300 Km) and very thin (less than 180 Km wide). The north is a hot, dry desert called the Atacama, one of the driest places on earth. By complete contrast the south tip, Tierra del Fuego, is the southern-most point on mainland planet earth.

The 42nd parallel (Line of Latitude) runs through Chile and Argentina and marks the boundary of Patagonia. This is an area of stunning beauty: deep fjords, snow-capped peaks and dormant volcanos; an area waiting to be explored on foot, self-drive and best of all, on horseback.
Trips and tours

Atacama Self Drive - Chile

An 8 day self drive exploration of the Atacama desert and Altiplano in Chile.

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Easter Island and Machu Picchu

An inspiring 12-day program joining two of South Americas’ icons: Machu Picchu and Easter Island or Rapa Nui.

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In the footsteps of Robinson Crusoe

Every one knows the story of Alexander Selkirk and his man Friday. But did you know it's actually based on a true story - and the island actually exists!

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Robinson Crusoe Deep Patagonia

This exciting journey takes you along the Austral Way (the southernmost stretch of the Pan-American Highway), amidst impressive landmarks such as the dead forest and the Marble Cathedrals.

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Easter Island

Easter Island: surely the world’s most mysterious destination? Remote, seldom visited and completely absorbing!

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Highlights and hidden gems

Miguel de Cervantes Prize

Looking for a good read while travelling in Latin America? Then tune in to this prize and see some of the best Spanish authors (don’t worry! Translations are generally available!)

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