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Chile holiday on remote Robinson Crusoe Island

In 1704 the English seafarer Alexander Selkirk was the sole survivor of a shipwreck; he survived 4 years and 4 months on a tiny island in the Pacific, just off the Chilean coast near Valparaiso, dodging pirates and buccaneers, living off the land and relying on his own wits before being rescued. This true-life adventure inspired Daniel Defoe to write the “Adventures of Robinson Crusoe”.

Robinson Crusoe Island

Robinson Crusoe Island

Days 1-2 Arrival on Robinson Crusoe Island

Day 1 Mon: depart from London and fly to Santiago, Chile.
Arrival Santiago airport and transfer to Le Reve, Santiago’s newest and most exclusive boutique hotel in the heart of Providencia, the most desirable part of Santiago, Chile’s wonderful capital.

Day 2 Tues: Light aircraft & launch to lodge.
In the morning the adventure begins with a short flight in a light aircraft 700 Km out into the Pacific. From the landing strip it’s a further 45 mins by launch to cross the bay and reach the Robinson Crusoe Lodge, tucked discretely away in this UNESCO World Heritage Reserve.

Days 3-4 Exploring the island

Day 3 Wed: Robinson Crusoe Island
The menu of activities is extensive: explore the island on foot, with a guide, or for riders, the lodge has its own stables; the water is crystal clear so the snorkelling is excellent; if you’re a diver there are a couple of massive anchors dating from the early 1700’s at 22 and 29 m; and the lodges spa and hot tubs make a perfect end to the day.

Day 4 Thu: Robinson Crusoe Island
The hike to the cave where Selkirk lived is a must-do. And in the afternoon how about going lobster hunting and catch your own supper!

Days 5-6 Departure and Santiago

Day 5 Fri: Return to Santiago
We have the entire morning to enjoy the surroundings, go on another hike or simply enjoy the impressive views and complete tranquillity of the Lodge, before heading back to Santiago by launch and light aircraft. Return to Le Reve.

Day 6 Sat: Return to London
The overnight flight returns you to Heathrow on Sunday morning.


6 days



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