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Feb 2019

Tigress Collarwalli Queen of the Jungle

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Tigress Collarwalli is perhaps the most famous tigress in India: she has successfully raised a staggering 26 cubs and in late 2018 broke her own record by giving birth to 4 cubs, in a lifetime total of 8 litters.

Why the name? We know so much about her because she wears a collar and has been christened ‘Collarwalli’ by the national park rangers who track her in Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh.

Collarwalli herself was one of four cubs born to tigress ‘Barimada’ who featured in the BBC documentary ‘Spy in the Jungle’. She was the first of Barimada’s cubs to establish her own territory.

Pench in central India is now home to more than 50 adult Tigers, and combines well with Kanha and / or Bandhavgarh national parks.

Here are a few images of ‘Collarwalli’ with her new born, clicked by a local photographer.

Tigress Collarwalli

Tigress Collarwalli

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