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Apr 2015

Elephant Orphans

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The government of Tanzania has approved Tanzania’s first elephant orphanage: the increased occurrence of baby elephants roaming in national parks without parental protection has become all too familiar in Tanzania. This special project will help to ensure that orphaned elephants are rescued and subsequently re-introduced to the wild, most likely in Tarangire National Park http://ventureco.wpengine.com/africa/tanzania/national-parks-game-reserves-of-tanzania/

The orphanage will be called Ivory Orphans and will be built and operated by the non-profit African Wildlife Trust. The orphanage will be on the boundary of Kikoti Safari Camp and there will be a first-response and triage centre in Arusha.

The first phase will be to construct this orphanage starting immediately. For more information, ways to donate or to join them as a volunteer, please contact awt@africanwildlifetrust.org

This project is welcomed and runs alongside the Daphne Sheldrake project in neighbouring Kenya http://ventureco.wpengine.com/africa/kenya/explore-nairobi-in-a-day-or-two-2/




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