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Jan 2017

Holiday prices

Since June last year the GBP exchange rate has taken quite a knock, not because our national economy is failing, but for other reasons less easy to grasp. The result has been a real rise in the prices of holidays, air fares, car hire etc. But there’s hope in all this gloom!!


Argentina has taken the enlightened step to abolish VAT on hotel accommodation. Argentina is now on the same level playing field as other South American countries who exempt VAT for hotel stays for incoming tourism. It applies to all holidays booked after 2nd Jan 2017 – so now’s the right time to visit Patagonia or ride through the Andes.


There’s a bunch of red tape, such as the hotel has to be correctly registered, but we can assist with all that.


Interestingly enough Zambia has done the opposite and now applies VAT to accommodation for tourism. Perhaps the time is right to visit South America?

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