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Jul 2016

Horse riding holiday in a Spanish speaking country

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Some people are put off horse riding holidays  in places such as Spain and Peru because they are worried about speaking Spanish, and finding it tricky to communicate with your guide.

The guides

 Patagonian Guide

Our Patagonian Guides

First of all, don’t panic because our guides speak English. Usually as a second language, but they are pretty good and know their trails, horses and local area really well.

Having said that, it is hallways a good idea to pick up a few words on the local language before you go on any trip, so here’s a horsey crib-sheet with a-hundred-and-one handy words:




Horse Riding Holiday crib-sheet


About the horse

Horse Caballo
Mare Yegua
Foal Potro
Gelding Caballo castrado
Stallion Caballo entero
Thoroughbred Purasangre
Pony Poni
Head Cabeza
Eyes Ojos
Ears Orejas
Nostril Nariz (ollar)
Withers Cruz
Croup (rear) Grupa
Neck Cuello
Mane Crines
Tail Cola
Legs Manos et Pies
Hoof Cascos
Walk Paso
Trot Trote
Canter Galope
Right Derecha
Left Izquierda
Limp Cojear
Stop Parar
Move on Avanzar
Fast Rapido
Slow Lento
Slowly Lentamente


About the tack

Tack Arreos
Saddle Silla
Girth Cincha
Bridle, snaffle Brida, bridon
Halter Cabestro, cabezada de cuadra
Rope Cuerda (lasso = Lazo)
To saddle Encillar
To unsaddle Desencillar
To girth Cinchar
To loosen the girth Aflojar
To shorten Acortar
To lengthen Alargar
Stirrup Estribo
Sweat blanket
Salva cruces
Brush Cepillo
Hoof-picks Limpia cascos
Horse shoe Herradura
Chaps Chaparreras
Half chaps Polainas
Helmet Casco
Hat Sombrero
Gloves Guantes
Martingale Gamarra, tijerillas
Bit Bocado
Flask Cantimplora
Spur Espuela
Boots Botas


During the journey

Hello Buenos Días
Please Por favor
Thank you Gracias
Sorry Perdón
Good evening Buenas Tardes
Good bye Adios
Drink Beber
Eat Comer
Sleep Dormir
Buy Comprar
How much / many Cuánto
When Cuándo
Where Dónde
Stable Cuadra
Field Campo
Stall Box
Toilets Servicios
Restaurant Restaurante
Bank Banco
Foreign exchange office Casa de cambio
Police Policía
Phone Llamar
Price Precio
Expensive Caro
Cheap Barato
Present Regalo
Bill Cuenta
Blanket Manta
Room Habitacion
Fork Tenedor
Spoon Cuchara
Knife Cuchillo
Plate Plato
Bottle Botella
Water Agua
Wine Vino
Beer Cerveza
Salt Sal
Pepper Pimienta
Camping Vivac
Tent Tienda
Sleeping pad Colchoneta
Sleeping bag Saco de dormir
Stakes Estacas


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