Hores riding and whale watching in IcelandVenture Co Worldwide Hores riding and whale watching in Iceland

The Sea Horse

The Sea Horse

2 hours riding & 3 hours whale watching.

Trail around lkae

The trail that leads around the lake

This is the ideal add-on to any of our Iceland rides, or a great little addition to a week-end visit to Reykjavik.

On this trip you have the chance to experience two big, beautiful animals on the same day, the horse and the whale!

We will pick you up from any hotel in the capital between 08:00 and 08:30 and drive you out to the farm. The day begins with a 2 hour ride around the farm which will give you the opportunity to get the feel of these unique Iceland horses and experience the tölt. The ride ends back at the farm where a light lunch will be waiting.

After lunch we’ll drive you to the old harbour in Reykjavik where the boat will be waiting to take you whale watching out in Faxaflói bay. Sailing duration is about 3 hours. This is a great opportunity to see the Eyjafjord humpback whales, minkes, white-beaked dolphins and harbour porpoises in their natural habitat. The sun in the spring and summer stimulates krill growth (mainly Euphausia superba and copepods) and plankton blooms. The Humpbacks are seasonal feeders and omnivores: they filter-feed tiny crustaceans such as krill, plants such as plankton and small fish such as herring, mackerel, capelin, and sandeels. Feeding is particularly frenzied at the height of summer.

Whale watching

Local resident humpback whale in the Eyja fjord

The whale watching guides are experts at spotting whales and telling you all about their behaviour. This vessel is the only high speed, specially modified, whale watching ship in Iceland. She’s capable of carrying 200 persons with spectacular views from the theatre-style viewing platforms. The vessel’s speed guarantees access to wherever the whales might be located, even in the deepest fjords in Iceland, which gives the boat a whale-viewing success rate is 99%. With ample indoor and outdoor seating, bar and cafeteria, you can be sure that the ride is comfortable even at full speed.

Return to Reykjavík by about 17:00. This trip is available all year round, weather permitting.


Humpback whale