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Horse Riding Holidays in Patagonia

Patagonia Horse Riding

Horse riding holidays in Patagonia is absolutely outstanding: excellent horses, a thriving gaucho culture and pristine wilderness combine to create some of the best horse riding trails in the world. On several of our rides we go for several consecutive days without crossing a road or riding through a town/village or hamlet. If you like wilderness served up unspoilt, on a big scale and pristine, you’ve come to the right place.


Patagonia is a long way south: the actual definition of Patagonia is “land south of the 42nd parallel, in Argentina and Chile” which means you’re not too far from Cape Horn and Antarctica. Between the months of November and March this is an enchanting land for a horse riding holiday, but outside these months the weather is getting more and more harsh the further south you travel.

The first Europeans to visit the southern tip of South America, around the island of Tierra del Fuego, met the local tribe called the Tehuelche, who are particularly large people, especially when compared to 16thC European mariners. “Pata” is Spanish and, coincidentally, Portuguese, for “paw” and “grau” means “large” which was corrupted to “gon”; thus the name Patagon was born. The early explorers called the locals “Large-Feet” and the “-ia” was added to make the name sound better to the European ear.

Horse Riding in Patagonia - Make the most of your trip

International flights can be changed, before ticket issue, free of charge. All our horse riding holidays in Patagonia are tailor-made and can be “topped-and-tailed” with private arrangements.
If you would like something extra while you visit Patagonia please talk to us for ideas, but here are a couple to get you started:
  • Go south to the glaciers of Patagonia such as Perito Moreno, the national park of Torres del Paine and Los Glaciers National Park.
  • Cape Horn and the Straits of Magellan are a short flight away and accessible Nov to March
  • Your international flight is likely to go via Santiago, the gateway city of Chile. You can stop-over and visit the Chilean and Argentine winelands (join a tour or self-drive).
  • You can fly via Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, which is a charming city to visit, home of the Tango.
  • The Ibera Wetlands in the north of Argentina are a wildlife and birding mecca
  • The Valdez Peninsular on the Atlantic Coast is the place where David Attenborough filmed the orca beaching itself to catch the seal.

You will find some horse riding itinerary ideas below but for further ideas and inspiration please email us or call 01837 55 907

Horse Riding Holidays in Patagonia

Chile's Patagonia: Across the Andes

A 6-day ride on Criollo horses between Estancias (“ranches”) crossing the snow-capped Andes from Chile to the Argentine border. Ride through Valdivian forests, ford wide rivers and weave between dormant volcanos. Explore the Chilean part of Patagonia riding alongside gauchos in pristine, remote countryside.

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The Patagonia Andes: Grande Traversée

A 14-day ride on Criollo horses between Estancias (“ranches”) across extensive green pampas, through forests, fording rivers and weaving between dormant volcanos. Explore the Andes Mountains in Patagonia, riding alongside gauchos - from Argentina to Chile.EXPLORE FURTHER

Tierra del Fuego Expedition: El Ultimo

10 days
Ride through Tierra del Fuego ("Land of fire") along the Mitre peninsular to the 'lighthouse at the end of the world'. Ride big-hearted Criollo horses alongside gauchos in pristine, remote countryside. This expedition includes some camping.

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