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It’s probably fair to say that horse welfare in the UK is as good as anywhere in the world. Not perfect and there are occasional incidents of abandonment or abuse, but I guess there always will be.

I wince when I see sharp, crude and roughly filed bits used in other countries, particularly in the developing world where many of our rides take place.

There is something practical that we can all do.

Donate an old snaffle to our “Bit Exchange Programme” and you can ensure that some horse, somewhere, will be relieved of needless suffering.

All the bits donated are given to known and respected horse breeders or stable owners with whom we work. They aren’t the problem! But they are in the perfect position to make sure a decent bit reaches the right mouth. They have direct access to market traders and local people who can’t afford a proper bit; they can swap our used bits and explain what good horsemanship is all about, and destroy the ‘horror story’ bit.

You can help by donating any snaffles, Pelhams, Kimblewicks in sizes 4 ½ inch to 5 ¼ inch.

Bits can be sent to our office in Devon, or call us for assistance.



A donkey bit we came across in India



BHS Welfare – Supporting BHS Challenge Ride


Welfare Department of the BHS is the worldwide standard bearer for equine welfare. Venture Co has worked with BHS Welfare since 2002 and the better we come to know them the more impressed we are with their valuable work. We organise BHS Challenge Rides each year which are fundraising rides for BHS.