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Jun 2013

How to tackle a horse riding challenge

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Where better to get the lowdown on challenge rides than from the horse’s mouth?? We spoke to Wendy Minor, Welfare and Challenge Rides Executive at the British Horse Society.

How long have you been riding horses?

I’ve been riding for the last fifteen years… when I started working for BHS I thought I ought to learn how to ride! The first challenge I went on, I took someone else’s place and travelled in the back up vehicles.

I’ve always been outdoorsy so it was a natural step.

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Where was your first horse riding experience abroad?

I went to Wadi Rum in Jordan.

Then to Peru in the Andes.  Andean ponies are very different to Arabian so it was a great contrast.

Where was your last horse riding challenge ride?

Lesotho in Southern Africa.  It’s very beautiful, warm and friendly.

Where is your all time favourite place to go horse riding?

That’s difficult. I like different rides for different reasons.

Peru is very full on, not only the riding but sightseeing, colours, sounds, smells, it’s really amazing.  We got to go to Lima on the way home to ride Pasos on the beach. Riding in the Andes was very rugged, quite challenging due to the high altitude but fantastic.

What’s your top tip for first time challenge riders?

Just go for it!

People get nervous and hesitant closer to the challenge date. But it’s such an exciting and unusual experience. Make the most of it and savour every moment, a horse riding challenge with the BHS is really a once in a lifetime trip.

What sort of person will a horse riding challenge appeal to?

We get all sorts of people. Naturally they all have a love of horses and concern for welfare, which obviously underpins everything we do.

Really anyone over 18, who’s fit and rides horses.

The trips vary from ones to two weeks so there is something to suit everyone. It’s incredibly personally rewarding and you also get a real flavour of the country.

We have a new trip next year to Morocco, why not join us!




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