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Blog: If Rhinos Could Fly …


Dec 2019

If Rhinos Could Fly …

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And the good news is that they can! African Parks has just announced that five Black Rhino will be taking a trip from the Safari Park Dvůr Králové in the Czech Republic to Akagera National Park in Rwanda.

All five were born in captivity and are particularly valuable because of the genetic vigour they bring to the very small resident gene-pool. Since 2010, when African Parks took over wildlife management at Akagera poaching has largely been eliminated allowing wildlife populations to surge. In 2017 eighteen black rhino were reintroduced to Akagera after the last one was poached in 2007.

Akagera National Park has experienced an economic revitalisation and this year welcomed more than 44,000 travellers, half of whom are Rwandan nationals, which is an unusual statistic in Africa where as often as not local people don’t frequent their own national parks.

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Black rhino - happy as pigs in mud!

Black rhino – happy as pigs in mud!

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