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Jan 2011

Inca Amazon Venture 81. 1st Blog.

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2 weeks down, 13 to go! I feel that with such bright beginnings, this is promising to be a fantastic Venture.

We started with a very chilled weekend in Otavalo; browsing the colourful pre-Inca market, hiking to a remote waterfall, playing jenga and lounging in hammocks enjoying the beautiful surrounding countryside. Then it was time for Spanish school in Quito. This group is really dedicated to the cause, and learning really quickly which is wonderful and will serve them well on the rest of the trip. They’ve even acted out stories in Spanish with Oscar winning gusto.

There are 11 venturers representing 5 continents and they are a lovely, diverse bunch; the ideal combination of being both laid back and up for an adventure. Speaking of adventure, last weekend we went to Cotopaxi National Park and hiked up to the refuge at 4810m at the foot of the snow-capped volcano. 5 venturers got up at midnight to climb it; the girls succeeded in getting to the summit and the boys got impressively close.

There have been a couple of nights out on the town, a few Disney film screenings, salsa and cooking classes, games aplenty and the group has had their first taste of practicing their Spanish at a school near Quito, reading to the kids which they really enjoyed, so they’re now ready and confident about the Book Bus project coming up in the Amazon.

If all that isn’t enough, yesterday we went in a cable car high up above Quito with panoramic views and here’s a dare devil photo of the two leaders, Wilson and I, demonstrating our bravery and acrobatic tendencies Wilson saved my life……What do you mean it looks fake?! OK it’s a bit of fun, and there’ll be plenty more of that to come, so stay tuned for the next instalment! (Am off to play football at altitude now! Spanish teachers Vs students. Tis a hard life.)

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