Blog: Shocking news from the Inca Trail, Peru


Jan 2019

Shocking news from the Inca Trail, Peru

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Mid-December saw an armed robbery at Winay Wayna campsite on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu,

during the night. The group (not ours) were woken and robbed at gunpoint. I believe no-one was hurt physically, but the head porter had a gun to his head, and some clients lost possessions.

Travel, as with daily life, has risks. You are still much more likely to suffer an accident driving your car at home, than being robbed in Peru. Assessing and managing risk is essential to the safety of our clients and staff. But be careful of the company you keep: Cusco has 1,750 companies selling tours and only 320 of these are registered with the authorities. Of that 320, just 4 of us have a licence to offer adventure activities.

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