Blog: Kili trekking


Dec 2019

Climbing Kili is a perennially popular reason to visit Africa and during 2019 our most popular two routes up Kili are the 8 day Lemosho Glades route and the slightly shorter Machame (6 days) route. Click here and scroll down the page to find the dates.

People have told us that they like to have the option of walking with others to create a small group; so new for 2020 we have some fixed date, guaranteed departures for Lemosho Glades and Machame.

Climbing Kili’s little sister, Mount Meru, is a great way to acclimatise before Kili and we have some fixed date for Meru too.

All our treks conform to the KPAP standard of porter welfare.

Mountain Rescue: since 2016 there has been a medi-copter on stand-by near Moshi which can carry out medical evacuation from Kilimanjaro (just make sure your travel insurance policy covers you for treks up to 6,000 m)

Uhuru Point, the summit of Kilimanjaro

Uhuru Point, the summit of Kilimanjaro

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