Blog: Kilimanjaro International gets 35 million Euro for overhaul


Jan 2017

Kilimanjaro International gets 35 million Euro for overhaul

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Kilimanjaro International Airport is in Arusha, Tanzania. It’s the gateway to some of the best wildlife areas in Africa as well as the fantastic India Ocean coast, including the “hidden gem” that is Mafia Island.


Kili viewed from Moshi, on the south side

The airport upgrade is just about complete (thank you the Dutch government) and has doubled capacity to 1.2 million passengers a year, which is still a relatively modest number compared to neighbouring Nairobi in Kenya. It’s still easy to find pristine wilderness in Tanzania and experience Africa without the internal combustion engine, such as on the magical Ol Doniyo Lengai walk.


Besides, what other airport approach is passed such an impressive mountain? Kilimanjaro is only about 40 Km north of the airport and you get stunning views of it as you approach Tanzania; the perfect way to begin and end your safari.

The Wadi Rum Short Ride

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