Riding holiday Namibia; new saddles for the desert crossingVenture Co Worldwide Riding holiday Namibia; new saddles for the desert crossing

Blog: Namibia: long distance riding


Feb 2020

From prototype to perfection
It’s been several years in the making, but new for 2020 is the ultimate safari saddle.

Horse riding in Namibia

Before: the original McLellan hybrid


Horse riding in Namibia

After: the brand new design! The McLellan-Namib Special!


It will be used on all the Namibia safaris and is fully adjustable to both horse and rider. A specially designed woollen girth with lots of built-in padding, will be much appreciated (by horse) on those long desert days. The handy water-bottle holders have been moved to behind the rider’s leg so no longer knocking on your knee! And there’s a little pocket for small things like camera, lip balm and sunblock which will be much appreciated (by rider).

Excellent leather, plenty of air-flow along the spine – it’s a work of art!!

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