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Jul 2017

New rules at Macchu Pichu

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An update on Machu Picchu tickets – new rules have been in place for a few days (July 2017).

The big thing to mention is Machu Picchu entry tickets now only give you four hours in the site – that’s probably enough for most people but it may be hard convincing everyone!

Morning ticket- you must enter between 6 am and midday. You have four hours in the site, from the time you enter.

Afternoon ticket- enter anytime from midday onwards and you have four hours from the time you enter. Note the site closes at 17.30

However, to confuse things, they are currently allowing afternoon tickets to be used from 11 am (even though it says from midday! This may change).

Macchu Pichu seen from the Sun Gate

The actual guided tour of the main ruins lasts about 2 ½ hours- we have no way of changing that, the park guards are on every corner with whistles, pushing people through on a set circuit to meet that timing. The circuit is carefully structured so that it spits you out through the exit with no way to escape into the rest of the ruins. Thus you cannot take the guided circuit then stay for another 1½ hours; they have designed it to make this impossible. To do things like walk up to the Sun Gate, or the Inca Bridge, you need to do so before stepping onto the circuit, so you basically have 1½ hours before the guided tour to explore independently.

Rumours that they are in talks with Disney World to provide moving walkways are currently unfounded!

Extra climbs:
Huayna Picchu tickets: you get 2 hours to climb Huayna Picchu, separate to your 4 hours for Machu Picchu. You must start the Huayna Picchu climb between 7 and 8 am, or 10 and 11 am, according to your ticket.

Machu Picchu Mountain tickets: you get 3 hours to climb Machu Picchu Mountain separate to your 4 hours for Machu Picchu. You must start the Machu Picchu Mountain climb between 9 and 10 am.

Remember both of these options sell out in advance, Huayna Picchu especially.

Do you need a guide?
Yes for the first ticket. If you buy two tickets, either a morning ticket and afternoon ticket, or tickets for two separate days, you do not need a guide for the second time you visit but you will be asked to present evidence that your first tour was with a guide (we will arrange that). It is not possible to buy two tickets for the same morning or same afternoon.

If trekking in from the Inca Trail: your Machu Picchu entrance will be for the day after reaching the site. Four hours from whatever time you enter. Currently, as you come into Machu Picchu from the trail, our guides manage to get you some time at the Watchman´s Hut to take photos and see the ruins from above. There has been no mention of changing this.

Machu Picchu at sunrise

Machu Picchu at sunrise

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