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La Casona, Cusco’s finest

La Casona, Cusco’s finest


Cusco’s answer to Rio’s “Christ The Redeemer”.

La Casona has just 11 suites and is much more a country house hotel than a city centre hotel, despite being in the centre of Cusco. One of the earlier owners of this property was none other than Simon Bolivar! What a heritage! Inkaterra took over the hotel in 1999 and have done a superb job renovated what was a tired old house.


Cusco centre, Plaza del Armas

It retains the feel of a private country house, build around a central courtyard. There are three grades of suite, and all are lovely. The patio suites are on the ground floor, “Balcon Suites” on the first floor and top of the range are the “Plaza Suites” which are also on the first floor but have a view over the Plaza Nazerenas.

The only word of warning with this hotel is that it IS centrally located, which is usually great. However, Cusco fiestas are loud and lively – lots of music and fireworks, and if you’re staying at La Casona you will hear it all!

Peru schoolgirl

Inca stonework in Cusco – as good as the day it was built.