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The Monasterio

The Monasterio

The Monasterio is a converted convent constructed around a central courtyard and is probably Cusco’s most famous hotel. It was revamped in 2014 and delivers what it promises.

On the downside is the point that it is an ex-convent, so the “nun’s cells” make small rooms – which is not necessarily what you expect from a top of the range hotel. So it’s worth requesting a suite (of one sort or another). However, what the smaller rooms lack in space is compensated for in character.


The centre of Cusco

Monasterio has 104 rooms divided into 4 categories: rooms, junior suite, presidential suite and royal suite. The principal difference between the room types is the size and access to a patio or private terrace. They are all beautifully done with all the facilities you’d expect in a hotel of this calibre.