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Blog: Ride to the source of the Nile, Uganda


May 2017

Ride to the source of the Nile, Uganda

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Uganda is often overlooked as a holiday destination, probably because it’s not as famous as its neighbours Kenya and Tanzania. That’s a real shame because it’s got it all: fantastic wildlife, rich, tropical rainforest and the birth place of the world’s longest river, the Nile. OK – it’s got some famous primates, the mountain gorillas, too!

Overlooking the Nile near it’s source, Lake Victoria, Uganda

We have a ride in Uganda which is based around the Nile: you ride Thoroughbreds through the rainforest, beneath a canopy frequented by the utterly charming Grey-cheeked Mangabey monkeys; zig-zag along sandy tracks that lead through incredibly fertile sugar cane and pineapple plantations, pass by tiny rural communities where life really hasn’t changed much for years and where the village children turn out in their dozens to welcome the strange mounted ‘muzungus’ on (what appears to them) to be huge beasts! It’s a lovely experience of rural Africa and one of my favourite rides.

Grey-cheeked mangabey monkeys. Charming but eclipsed by their more famous neighbours, the Mountain Gorillas.

And it ends with a swim with your horse in a sheltered bay in the Nile! What a thrill.


We have a ride going out 8th October 2017 which has a couple of saddles going begging. If you’re tempted to join, please give me a buzz.

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