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Jan 2017

The Sourse of the Nile

There are 2 branches of the Nile, the While and the Blue. The White Nile has its source in Uganda and was the subject of much attention amongst the early explorers such as Thompson, Speke and Livingstone. Eventually the source was agreed to be the massive Lake Victoria and Owens Falls on the northern shore near Jinja, where the lake drains into a mighty river, the White Nile.


Overlooking the source of the Nile


Tana and her favourite desk

The Blue Nile rises in Ethiopia and begins life at Lake Tana (after which my dog is named). The confluence is at Khartoum in Sudan. Our 1 week ride takes you right to the source of the Nile on Lake Victoria and later in the week you ride to a sandy cove where you can swim with your horse; a fantastic experience. Uganda is also the home of the mountain gorillas and this is an ideal opportunity to extend your holiday by a few days, travel over to the west of Uganda and visit the Mountain Gorillas. What a fortnight that would be!

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