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Riding Holidays in Africa

Horse Riding in Africa

Riding holidays in Africa are special; extra special! The thing that sets them apart from all other destinations is the Big Game. Passing a herd of "wild" ponies on Dartmoor or Exmoor is exciting; encountering Belted Galloways on a North Yorks moor is usually memorable, but doesn't really compare to cantering alongside a herd of 500 zebra in Botswana; or being so close to an elephant that you can hear him breathe, and it's thrilling being so close to Big Game that you can hear them tearing the sward, and because you're on horseback you don't disturd them.

4X4 safaris are always memorable, walking safaris bring an additional dimension; but a riding safari in Africa is the most exciting of all.

We have been running trips, treks and African safaris for more than 30 years and our selection of riding holidays in Africa is hand-picked.

Based in our Devon office, Mark has guided in East and Southern Africa, trekked Kilimanjaro, crossed the Sahara from north to south, traversed the Congo and met the Badman of Buta and lived to tell the tale! As the guides in Namibia would say, “he’s a fundy” (a fund of knowledge) and will personally arrange your trip.

A family safari in Kenya, a horseback holiday to see Big Game in Swaziland or a splashy ride in the Okavango Delta: we know the destinations well. All Africa safaris and riding holidays can be rounded off with a couple of days on the pure, white-sand beaches of the Indian Ocean or Lake Malawi, or a visit to Victoria Falls - the possibilities are countless. We can tailor-make your perfect trip and our partners on the ground will be delighted to share their local knowledge with you to make the experience perfect.


A ride in the Okavango Delta combined with a gallop in the Kalahari = the perfect riding holiday! And for afters there are the magical Delta lodges for a bit of R&R.

Explore Botswana


The Kingdom of Lesotho is special because it's high, remote and warmly welcoming. Lovely people and spectacular wilderness; Africa as it used to be.

Explore Lesotho


Rich with culture and colour Morocco is a short hop from Europe but worlds apart. Rich too in contrast: the stark serene beauty of the Sahara, and the fishingboat bobbing beauty of the Atlantic seaboard.

Explore Morocco


Mozambique is one of the most overloooked destinations in Africa. Glorious Indian Ocean beaches, horses that were bred in Zimbabwe and outstanding hospitality make this an excellent riding destination.

Explore Mozambique


“South-West” as it used to be called, has had a bit of a troubled history: Those days are long-gone and Namibia today is one of the safest destinations on the entire African continent. It’s a huge country with a population of barely 3 million!

Explore Namibia


Swaziland is like an island without a coast: it’s entirely surrounded by South Africa on three sides (north, south and west) and Mozambique to the east.

Explore Swaziland


Safaris in 4X4’s are big business in Tanzania, and they’re great. But necessary rules such as not allowing vehicles to drive ‘off piste’ can be frustrating because wildlife goes where it goes, paying scant regard for safari tracks. And that’s where horses come in.

Explore Tanzania


With thoroughbreds to ride and loads of opportunity to "make progress" this is a brilliant way to visit Owen's Falls, the beginning of the River Nile.

Explore Uganda


One of the most thrilling rides you can have is alongside Big Game: the horse is alert and ready for your command, the game keeps a watchful eye on you and the air of the game park is alive with excitement. This is a ‘Bucket List’ ride adjacent to Hwange, one of Africa’s finest national parks.

Explore Zimbabwe

We're here to help with your African Adventure, its what we do best.

If you would like to talk directly to the VentureCo team about your tailor made african travel requirements, you contact us via email, phone, live web chat or just drop into our office.

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