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Botswana: Tailor-made riding


Bechuanaland become independent in September 1966, just after England won the world cup, and metamorphosized into Botswana, which is now one of Africa’s greatest success stories: politically stable, economically solid and with a conservation heritage that is the envy of the world.

The country is flat and most of it is Kalahari Desert; which doesn't sound promising. But Botswana is the ultimate safari destination: nowhere else can you see huge tracts of land that are pristine and support massive herds of herbivores with the headline-grabbing predators that follow them. The bird life is astonishing and the real gem that makes Botswana unique  is the wilderness feeling that it possesses.

If you ask one of those leathery-skinned old Africa hands what Africa used to be like they will describe a world without fences and frontiers, where you can go all day and not see another rider, where there are no manmade sounds and zero light pollution. What they are describing is Botswana as it is today.

Horse riding in Botswana is outstanding: a riding safari in the Okavango Delta is exhilarating and splashy. Nearby are the salt pans and riding holidays here complement the Delta perfectly - particularly if you join a Botswana riding holiday to see the Meerkats!

The Okavango Delta is probably more famous than the country where it’s found; add in such evocative names as Deception Valley, the tongue-twisting Makgadikgadi Pan and the utterly charming Meerkats and this really is the safari connoisseur’s destination.

The Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta in Botswana is the largest inland delta in the world. It’s sandwiched between two deserts, the Namib on the west and the Kalahari on the east.

Local rainfall, such as it is, falls between Christmas and February (about 3 inches per month).

The rain in Angola falls in Feb and March and takes a good month or two to reach the Okavango (over 1,000 Km away) which means the water level peaks in the Okavango Delta in April (varies a bit from year to year).

An area of over 15,000 Km² floods when local rainfall is virtually zero; thus water is most abundant when local rain is least. The Delta draws in animals from far and wide, creating Africa's greatest concentration of wildlife.

Okavango Map

Horse Rides

Meerkats and Mokoros

A unique ride in Botswana that combines the best of the Kalahari salt pans with the waterways of the Okavango Delta.

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Macatoo, Okavango Delta

In the heart of the Okavango Delta is a magical camp with a twist – it has a stable attached. The horses vary between 14hh and 18hh and are calm, experienced rides.

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Motswiri, Okavango Delta

Way out in the heart of the Delta, close to the Linyanti concession, is Motswiri Camp, nestled on the bank of the renowned Selinda Spillway which links the Okavango Delta to the Linyanti floodplain.

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PomPom Camp

In the heart of the Okavango Delta a 20 min flight from Maun, overlooking a lagoon is another jewel in Botswana’s crown!

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Gunn’s Camp

Overlooking the legendary Chief’s Island and bordering the Moremi Game Reserve, Gunn’s Camp is a luxury, vintage safari camp.

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Moremi Crossing

At the southern end of Chief’s Island, just outside Moremi Reserve, sitting on a small palm-fringed island called Ntswi, is the Moremi Crossing camp.

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Machaba Camp

Machaba is s one of the newer camps in the Delta (built 2013). Tip-top guides, excellent camp managers and secluded location combine to make this an outstanding wildlife experience.

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Kwara Camp

In the heart of the Okavango Delta on permanent water, adjacent to the Moremi Game Reserve. 8 en-suite Meru tents. Game drives, walks and mokoro trips.

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Lagoon Camp

Sitting on the bank of the Kwando River; 8 Meru en-suite tents. Safaris in 4x4, on foot and in a launch.

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Lebala Camp

In the wide open plains of the Linyanti Marshes; 8 en-suite Meru tents; Game drives and walks. Excellent predator action.

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Nxai Pan

In the semi-arid habitat of Nxai Pan, not far from Baines’s Baobab, overlooking a permanent waterhole. 8 en-suite Meru tents, 100% solar powered. Game drives, walks and stargazing.

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Little Kwara Camp

In the heart of the Okavango Delta on permanent water, adjacent to the Moremi Game Reserve. 5 en-suite Meru tents. Game drives, walks and mokoro trips.

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Tau Pan

Far out in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, about an hour’s flight from Maun, is the remarkable Tau Pan. Just 9 Meru tents; 100% solar powered; and not another human being for miles! Game drives, walks and stargazing.

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highlights and hidden gems

The Moremi Game Reserve

Varied habitats; superb game and bird life, this integral part of the Okavango Delta is easy to access and offers fly camping and great lodges.

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The Okavango Delta explained

The majority of Botswana is dry, sandy, scrub-desert, known as sandveld, but in the north-west corner is the phenomenon known as the “Okavango Delta”.

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Botswana Weather and Climate

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