Horse Riding Holidays in Namibia. Outstanding wilderness riding holidays.Venture Co Worldwide Horse Riding Holidays in Namibia. Outstanding wilderness riding holidays.

Horse Riding Holidays in Namibia


Namibia is one of the safest destinations on the entire African continent. It’s a huge country with a population of just 2.3 million! Namibia’s wildlife is outstanding and includes the highest population of cheetah in the whole of Africa, desert-dwelling elephants in Damaraland and social weaver birds, sharing their hayrick-sized nests to create the most amazing birds-nest in the world. But the best thing about Namibia is just being there; the environment, stunning natural beauty and that magical quality of pristine wilderness combine in natural harmony. Just being in Namibia is, well, perfect.

Horse riding holidays in Namibia used to be real hard-core! Back in the 1990’s support services were minimal and it was riding “on the frontier”. These days the facilities are much improved: the horses are just as tough and dependable, but the tack is more reliable, the guides are better informed and the entire experience is quite outstanding; some of the best riding anywhere in the world.

Below you will find rides that are all challenging compared to horse riding holidays in, for example, Spain. There’s no formal way of comparing rides, but Namibia is one of those destinations that suits confident and competent riders best. Several rides pass through areas of Big Game which adds a certain zest to the experience. Being close to an animal that is larger than your horse or that considers your horse (and the rider!) fair game, is exciting! Putting oneself in such a position is thrilling, but you do need to be confident in your riding to enjoy it.

There are other rides in Namibia, but these are the best four by far.

Horse Rides

The Namib Desert Ride

Visit the iconic “dune 45”at Sossusvlei; the entire desert is multi-coloured and a world heritage site; the game is desert-adapted; a great deal of the ride is “fenceless” with unrestricted canters across the plains. This Namibia horse ride was voted “The toughest commercially available ride in the World”. It is also, and undeniably, the ride of a lifetime.

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Damara Elephant Safari

Ride through the multi-coloured desert of Damaraland. See the desert-adapted elephants; 6,000 year old rock engravings and ride to the Skeleton Coast; the ride of a lifetime.

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