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Horse Riding Holidays in Swaziland


Swaziland is like an island without a coast: it’s entirely surrounded by South Africa on three sides (north, south and west) and Mozambique to the east.

It's an independent country and one of Africa’s last three Kingdoms, the other two are Lesotho and Morocco. The riding in Swaziland is quite different to the riding in Lestotho though the kingdoms are near-neighbours. There is much more big game in Swaziland, the country is warmer because it is not so high and the horses are larger and stronger which makes Swaziland an excellent choice for a riding safari.

Horse Rides

Chubeka Trail - Swaziland

Ride amongst Big Game during this horseback safari in the heart of the kingdom of Swaziland.

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Swaziland weather and climate

Swaziland seasons

This is the southern hemisphere, so Swazi weather is opposite the UK’s and January is mid-summer. Rain falls mostly during the summer months, often in the form of thunderstorms, and winter is the dry season.  

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