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Riding Holidays in Asia


Asia is probably where it all began - man's relationship with horses.

Przewalski's Horse comes from the steppe of Central Asia and is the world's only true wild horse (as distinct to "feral"). If you're after a riding holiday to experience traditions of horsemanship that go back thousands of years, then a riding holiday in Asia is the place to look.

Compare the unbelievably tough little horses of Mongolia with the mighty Marwari of Rajasthan: you couldn't hope to find greater contrast, but each suits its home habitat perfectly.

Checkout the words we use: Jodhpurs originated in Jodhpur, north India; polo from Pakistan/Rajastan and gymkhana is Hindi. A riding holiday in Asia is sure to exceed your expectations and delight you in unanticipated ways.


Our rides in India take place in Rajasthan, north India. This colourful, vibrant area is rich in tradition and rich in horse-lore. Meet the Marwari! This noble breed was originally a warrior's war horse but these days follows a more tranquil path. Forward-going, eager to go through the gears and cover the ground, brilliant horses to ride. Their ears, on the other hand, are a bit of an acquired taste!!

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Mongolia is as different from the UK as you can get: vast, with a tiny population and a reviving nomad culture. And nomads value their animals highly. Their horses (not ponies!) are tough little things with bags of stamina. The traditional saddles are wooden, but in recent years they have introduced leather and sheepskin versions for we soft Westerners!

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With natural wonders such as Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea and the starkly beautiful ancient city of Petra, Jordan is a popular location for movie-makers, most recently “The Martian” which was filmed in Wadi Rum. The horses in Jordan are Arabs, so this is a riding destination that suits confident riders: Arabs tend to be quick and enjoy making progress!

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Oman is fringed by the most lovely beaches, lapped by the Persian Gulf on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other with the Straits of Hormuz linking the two (Hormuz is a tiny island out in the main channel). The point of mentioning the ocean first when describing this arid, desert country is because one of Oman’s most renowned sons is Sinbad the Sailor!

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