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Horse Riding Holidays in Oman

Oman Horse Riding

Oman is fringed by the most lovely beaches, lapped by the Persian Gulf on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other with the Straits of Hormuz linking the two (Hormuz is a tiny island out in the main channel). The point of mentioning the ocean first when describing this arid, desert country is because one of Oman’s most renowned sons is Sinbad the Sailor! There is a point to saying that – read on. Another thing that Oman is famous for is its horses: the Arab is such an important breed and Oman is certainly one of the breed’s cradles. It’s tricky to say precisely where this breed developed because it’s lost in time, but Oman is a strong contender.

Oman has retained its ancient atmosphere and mystique and has been a strategic partner of the UK for centuries. The Omani Sultanate ran the spice trade in Zanzibar from about 1700 and both British and Omani merchants thrived. The relationship between our countries is established and valued. Oman is a stable and peaceful place (the sultan has ruled since 1970) which is a beacon for hope given its quarrelsome and somewhat belligerent neighbours.

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Horse Riding Holidays in Oman

Wihibah Desert to the Arabian Sea

Ride outstanding Arab horses across the people-less Wihibah Desert to the Arabian Sea. Explore a hidden away wadi that contains a waterfall and discover why British Explorer Tim Severin chose Muscat as the place to begin his search for the truth behind the legend of Sinbad the Sailor.

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