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Horse Riding Holidays in India

A Passion for India

Your reasons for visiting India may include the classic icons such as the Taj Mahal, or a wildlife encounter with a Bengal tiger, or even yet the wish to immerse yourself in the teeming masses of people in Delhi at 8 o'clock on a Monday morning - just for the experience! Maybe not! Compare and contrast this with the serene peace that exists around the softly undulating Thar Desert. Good wildlife viewing opportunities (from horseback) and excellent birding.

All of this can be combined with a ride like no other. A riding holiday in India is brilliant and reveals a completely different dimension. When you're on a horse you are greeted as a treasured guest; and in a nation where people smile naturally, riders are extended a privileged welcome.

India is a land where men sing when they’re happy; women turn into dancers when they go to the corner shop; food in your stomach is music; and music is the food of the heart.

Horse Rides

Christmas Ride in India

14 days; 9 days riding.
A great opportunity to escape the Christmas hubbub in England and explore Rajasthan riding Marwari horses. Spend Christmas and the New Year riding from fort to fort in Rajasthan, India

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A riding week in Rajasthan. 6 days.

6 days (5 nights). Explore the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan riding Marwari horses along sandy trails that are ideal for making progress. See rural India in all its tranquillity and colour, staying at magnificent havelis and camping in rural India on the edge of the Rajasthan Thar desert.

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Pushkar Fair, Tiger Safari and Taj Mahal

15 days; 8 days riding
This wonderful experience of India begins with a classic tiger safari; explore Pushkar Camel Fair riding a Marwari horse; travel through Rajasthan to Agra and visit the Taj Mahal.

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Nagaur Ride

12 days; 7 days riding.
A classic ride through the Thar desert in Rajasthan to the world’s biggest horse, camel, bull, goat and most-other-things-that-come-on-four-legs fair!

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The Balotra Horse Fair Ride

12 days; 10 days riding
In the southwest corner of Rajasthan, sitting on the bank of the River Luni, is the annual market gathering that is the horse-and-camel fair wonder known as Balotra. It’s not unusual to see 1,000 Marwari horses, 20,000 camels and 40,000 bullocks assembled in the flat expanse of the sandy riverbed.

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Pushkar Fair, Diwali Festival and The Taj Mahaal Ride

14 Days; 6 days riding.
Experience Diwali Festival in rural Rajasthan. Ride marwari horses on a classic ride through the Thar desert in Rajasthan to the world’s biggest horse, camel, bull, goat and most-other-things-that-come-on-four-legs fair! End by visiting the serene Taj Mahal

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Nawalgarh to Mehansar Castle, Rajasthan

8 days; 6 days riding.
Ride through the Rajastan countryside on Marwari horses. This is a fast ride on forward-going horses across sandy terrain. Some long canters; characterful accommodation and excellent food.

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Taal Chappar National Park Ride

8 days; 6 days riding.
Taal Chappar is a wildlife conservation sanctuary on the edge of the Rajasthan desert. Ride the wonderful Marwari horses to the sanctuary and spend a whole day exploring the park on horseback.

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More nights

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

The "Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" otherwise known as Ravla Khempur is situated just outside the town of Udaipur in Rajasthan, India. A very warm welcome awaits

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Family Nest, Delhi

Family Nest opened in 2013 as a safe and secure place to stay in Delhi. The apartment is self-contained but attached to a family home

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Roop Niwas, Shekhawati Region, Rajasthan

Roughly in the centre of Rajasthan lie the wonderful merchant homes of the Shekhawati. Resplendent in aged elegance, these courtyarded manor houses are living museums. A few, a very few, have been lovingly put back together, and Roop Niwas is one such. A delightful place to stay.

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Dera Mandawa, Jaipur

In the days when the British Raj controlled India, this hotel was the private townhouse of a Rajasthani Rajput. The glory of the rooms has been preserved tastefully and authentically. Delightful attention to detail. A fantastic place to stay; an excellent base while staying in Jaipur.

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Hidden gems

Ranthambore Tiger Sanctuary

In the SE corner of Rajasthan, not too far from Delhi; a park where the chance of seeking a tiger in its natural habitat is excellent.

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Kanha Tiger Sanctuary

In Madhya Pradesh, close to the border with Chhattisgarh, and almost slap-bang in the middle of India. Probably India’s finest tiger sanctuary and the inspiration behind Kipling’s Jungle Book.

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India weather & climate

The Seasons of India

India’s seasons are dominated by the Monsoon which is a wind system that reverses direction half way through the year: between June and October it blows from the southwest bringing rain-laden clouds in from the Indian Ocean. The rain begins in the deep south in May, gradually moving north and cease by October to be replaced by lighter, dry winds from the north.

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