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Horse Riding Holidays in Mongolia


Mongolia is a landlocked country dominated by sparsely populated steppe and the semi-desert Gobi. It was once the centre of an empire that stretched all the way to Europe, ruled by Genghis Khan and his mounted armies.

In 1990 Mongolia abandoned its 70-year-old Soviet-style one-party system and returned to a Buddhist community, embracing political and economic reform. There are vast quantities of untapped mineral wealth in the country which has made Mongolia vulnerable to foreign investors and is transforming the country's tiny economy. A third of the population lives in the capital, Ulan Baator, and about half the country's people are nomadic, herding livestock across the extensive pasturelands.

Mongolia is a blend of traditional and modern, which makes a riding holiday in Mongolia so exciting.

The rides below are divided into two categories: "Ger" and "Camp": a ger is a traditional circular construction made from felt, the same as a yurt (which is Turkish); they are heated and you sleep on a safari-style cot-bed. The other rides are camping itineraries where we use conventional two-man tents and sleeping mattresses on the ground.


Horse Rides

Mongol Horse Trails (Camping)

A close quarters cultural exchange with the nomads of the Steppe; traditional pastoralists who rely on their horses and stock animals to survive in these challenging surroundings far beyond the boundaries of fences or stables. Explore the grasslands of the steppe and the forested areas of the national park. Good wildlife populations and excellent interaction with nomads. Camping (2-man tents); small group (max 10 riders).

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Mongolia’s Big Skies Ride

Mongolia’s Big Skies Ride (Ger)

Explore the southern fringes of the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area and the Gorkhi Terelj National Park which is a mountain forest zone. Good wildlife populations and excellent interaction with nomads. Ger (Yurt) accommodation; small group (max 6 riders).

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Steppe Nomads

Steppe Nomads (Ger)

A journey on horseback across Mongolia’s Steppes, hosted by the nomads themselves. Using camel carts to transport the ger-camp ride across the Gobi grasslands. Witness the life of pastoralists which is unchanged for thousands of years. Excellent interaction with nomads; ger (Yurt) accommodation; small group (max 6 riders).

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The Mongolia Yak Festival (Ger & Camping)

Ride to the Yak Festival, supported by pack-yaks. An annual event. 13 days.

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