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Horse Riding Holidays in Bulgaria


Horse Riding Holidays in Bulgaria. What is known today as the “East Bulgarian” is a relative new-comer to the equine world. Local horses were crossed with Arabs and Thoroughbreds to produce the East Bulgarian which was recognised in 1951 with the opening of its own stud book.

The East Bulgarian is between 15 hh to 16 hh (60 to 64 inches, 152 to 163 cm) and generally comes in bay tones. They are known for a quiet disposition and good conformation: fine head, straight profile and muscular neck. They have strong shoulders, a full and deep chest, a straight, long back and muscular legs. All this means that your riding holiday in Bulgaria will get off to a good start.

Horse Rides

Bulgaria’s Golden Treasure Trail

A ride through the rural pastures and mountains that lie west of Sophia, the capital of Bulgaria. The guides do more than just show you the trails: they offer instruction in the ways of natural horsemanship. This ride explores the birth place of the April Uprising and the spot where the pre-Christian Thracian gold treasure was discovered.

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